Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tonight's Big Win.....Ryan in the media.

Ryan continues to get media exposure across Columbus. Channel 10 spent the day with Ryan and will do a story on him tomorrow during the 5:30 news. It will air around 5:50. Jeff Hogan was the reporter doing the story. Ryan met Jeff at the beginning of his media tour when he and JoAnn Malhotra did an interview for the Blue Jackets Fashion Show. This piece will also air during Blue Jackets Live before the game on Saturday in Nashville. It is possible that WBNS will run this story on Wall to Wall Sports this weekend.

Jarrod Smalley did an interview with Ryan, Kris Russell and Jason Chimera in the locker room after tonight's game. I am not sure if it will air tonight or tomorrow.

Larry Larson would like Ryan to join him on 610 WTVN on Sunday morning. If everything goes as planned, Ryan will be on the radio around 11:15 to 11:20.

Ryan continues to draw strength from the relationship with the Blue Jackets and from witnessing the banter between the guys and Ryan, they are drawing strength from him.

Since I posted twice today....another note on the #3 Jersey's.

Wendy Bradshaw and Kate Furman have set up an order form off of the Foundation website. I have included the link below. Once you click this link, then look for the Salmons #3 Jersey link. You can call the foundation, fax, or email the completed form back to them. Please order your jersey's directly from the foundation. This will allow you to use debit or credit cards. That was one of the issues we had been trying to work out. They have assured me they will be done on a priority basis as many of you want Ryan to sign them.
All proceeds from the jersey sales will be donated to the Foundation to support Pediatric Cancer. As you all may know, I support the work that they do with all the families from J5.


Anonymous said...


Wow you have been a very busy guy!!! I am glad that things are going well. I am looking forward to seeing you on the news again. Ryan you truely are a huge inspiration, to more than you can imagine. I have to say you have left a huge impact on me. Keep smiling ryan it fits you well. Miss getting to see you, take care. Your in my thoughts and prayers always!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Awesome!!! Can't wait to see my famous hero on TV tonight!!! Just ordered my jersey, looking forward to the signing. Love, prayers and hugs.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! :) I just placed my order for my Salmons JERSEY!
When can I get the Famous Ryan Slamon's autograph?

You are my inspiration. I remember coming over to Brad and Susan's for nascar parties with my family...something I will never forget!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Canada. I dropped by the blog after hearing about this on HFboards. I just want to say how inspiring your story is. The Blue Jackets are a class act as well. You'll be in my prayers. Keep on fighting man.


Anonymous said...

Just saw you on Channel 10 great interview what a professional speaker you are. You did a great job and making people proud. Congratulations again.

Kristie Garner

Amanda Turk said...

Hi Ryan, you don't know me, but my son Hayden relapsed on 01/20/09. We were in the hospital when you were there a couple of weeks ago. The amount of people that were there visiting you was AMAZING!!! I just wanted to let you know that my son has been reading up on you and the Blue Jackets and you have become a "hero" to him!!

John Wiedeman said...

Hi Ryan.
I was fortunate enough to see your piece on Fox Sports Ohio tonight prior to the Bluejackets game vs Nashville. What an incredible story. Very cool that both Manny Malhotra and Jason Chimera are your best buds on the Bluejackets team, but truthfully, I'm not surprised. Both are character people and no doubt great friends. I am in Columbus tonight with the Chicago Blackhawks organization as we await our game tomorrow night against the Bluejackets. It should be one of the best of the season and I'd love to make it one of the best of my career by simply shaking your hand. I hope to see you at Nationwide Arena tomorrow night. By the way, I handle the Radio Play-by-play duties for the Chicago Blackhawks and my name is John Wiedeman. Your story really hit me where it counts. Now, you are someone I would like to meet, and I don't say that about too many people! I can probably be free for a few minutes well before the game, downstairs in the Zamboni tunnel/media-room area. For the 5:00 PM game our bus should arrive around 3PM, at which time I have to take care of a few things. If we are unable to connect, then I hope to meet you again at some other time. Either way, keep fighting the good fight Ryan. Your courage is truly unique and commendable. Whether we meet or not my thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family as you watch the Bluejackets go for their first-ever Stanley Cup Playoff berth. You're a rare individual Ryan and my life would be enriched by meeting you. Best wishes. John Wiedeman

Anonymous said...

I have met you and your family while working on J5 and I just wanted to tell you how moved and inspired I was by the piece on 10tv. How exciting for you to be a member of the Bluejackets Team!! You and your family continue to be in my prayers. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and so many others!
Many Blessings,
Jaime (Float PCA)