Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday update, 8/29/08

Ryan came over to our home last night to celebrate our oldest son's birthday. He looked great and was feeling pretty well. It was soooo good to see him. Ryan spent a couple of hours yesterday at the hospital getting lab work done. And, he enjoyed a great lunch with his Grandpa Mac at Red Robin. With a Red Robin burger and fries and the pizza from last night, he proved he still has a great appetite.

Ryan hadn't been feeling well and has been very tired in this past week since he's been home from last week's chemo. But, he felt better yesterday. We got some good pictures last night so Barry will post those over the weekend.

Ryan's expected to go to Children's one day next week for a couple of hours for his Vincristine. He's also scheduled to start radiation therapy next Thursday at the James. He will have receive radiation on his spine for 10 days. Ryan will go back to Children's on the 8th for another 5 days of the chemo that he was just on last week. Please pray that Ryan will have a good week while he's off. And, pray for his strength and peace of mind while he begins the radiation again.

God Bless,
Aunt Amy

Monday, August 18, 2008

Off-week Bliss...Back to the Battle

Wow! Ten days since the last post. Here's what been going on.

Ryan has really his chemo-free week. Last weekend Ryan, Eric and Corey picked up Ryan's Accord at Grandma and Grandpa's house and took it home. Ryan spent part of the day last Saturday and Sunday making it spotless. (Hey Ryan, if you enjoy cleaning up cars, I got a couple for you!)

This past Friday night, Ryan, Brad and Susan attended a Buckeye Football dinner at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe. Ryan had the privilege of eating dinner with starting quarterback Todd Boeckmann. Matter of a fact, I think Boeckmann was serving Ryan dessert. Pictures are posted online.

On Saturday, Ryan was able to pay-off a promise he made shortly after his diagnosis. Let me take you back to that time in mid-to-late-April. Ryan was pretty much bed-ridden...he just had major back surgery to remove a tumor on his spine and the cancer in his core made walking seem like an impossible dream. At that time, Ryan promised his Dad's softball buddies that he would be well-enough to walk out to the mound and throw-out the first pitch at the first game of the fall season. On Saturday as the team donned TeamSalmons shirts and wristbands, Ryan walked out the the mound and paid off his promise! Check out the photos!

Now, one request from Uncle Barry...Ryan, I call official photographer it you get the opportunity to have your picture taken with the USA Women's Volleyball team...Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh! They need to be drafted to TeamSalmons...don't you think? Back to the serious...

Ryan is back in the hospital as of today for five days of chemotherapy. He was feeling good today after his first treatment, but the medication is already making him very tired. Please keep Ryan in your prayers through this next round...he is refusing to lose!

God Bless to All!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Update

In trying to update the last week's events, I'll start with the best news first. Ryan had another round of testing done while he was in for his chemo treatments last week. The MRIs showed that his leg and spine are still clear. And, that his pelvis didn't show any increase in the tumors that are there. That is very good news to say the least. Chemo is such a long, hard process but it is doing its job.

Since Ryan left the hospital on Monday, he hasn't been feeling the best. And, he has had a very, very difficult time sleeping. In fact, he hasn't slept much at all since he had been receiving his chemo last week. Please pray that this turns around for him. His body and his mind need this much needed rest.

Wednesday night Ryan was taken back to the hospital because of intense headache pain which resulted in not being able to see clearly or speak for a short period of time. A CAT scan and MRI on his head came back clear which is a blessing. I believe the doctors thought that maybe it could have been associated with some dehydration or a migraine. He was released from the hospital yesterday.

The Photos of Ryan link to the right was recently updated. Take a look at the great pictures taken which include shots from Ryan's birthday and his trip to the Mid-Ohio racetrack where he spent some time in the garages of Indy Car drivers Danica Patrick and Tony Kanaan.

Thank you for your prayers for Ryan. Please continue to pray for him. As has become all too clear to me personally recently with some very dear friends of ours as well as with Ryan, we will face many very difficult and devastating circumstances in our lives. But, I have to put my faith and trust in God to pull us through these difficult times. He will give us peace and protection because we can't do it on our own. This is what gives me hope. And, it is my trust and my faith that make me so confident that Ryan will get through this one day at a time and his body will be clear of this dreaded disease.

~Aunt Amy