Thursday, October 8, 2009

Progress Report on the “#3 Ryan Salmons Day of Giving” event.

Recently we announced a blood drive (Saturday, December 19th from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm) in memory of our favorite Blue Jacket with a goal to have 75 registered donors by October 19th. We are pleased to have achieved 37% of our target (28 registered donors) with just over one week left in the initial challenge. The American Red Cross has pledged additional donor slots if this trend continues. If you would like to donate, but have not yet signed up, please do so NOW.

  1. Click Here to Sign Up Today!*
  2. Then, click the "Schedule Your Blood Donation" link (red button on left)
  3. Enter the Sponsor Code: ryansalmons

Good news for teenagers interested in donating. On October 6th, the minimum age for donor eligibility was lowered to age 16 (parent’s permission is required). Minimum requirements for teenagers age 16 – 18 also include new height and weight requirements. To learn more about this change and see if you may be eligible to donate, email the contact listed below.

Volunteers are beginning to distribute fliers to local businesses, churches and schools. A huge thanks to the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation for passing out fliers at their “Hockey is in Your Blood” campaign recently.

To become a volunteer or ask how you can register to donate without going through the e-donor site, contact Event fliers to send friends/family, post at work, school or a local business or on Facebook or My Space are also available upon request.