Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday update, 8/29/08

Ryan came over to our home last night to celebrate our oldest son's birthday. He looked great and was feeling pretty well. It was soooo good to see him. Ryan spent a couple of hours yesterday at the hospital getting lab work done. And, he enjoyed a great lunch with his Grandpa Mac at Red Robin. With a Red Robin burger and fries and the pizza from last night, he proved he still has a great appetite.

Ryan hadn't been feeling well and has been very tired in this past week since he's been home from last week's chemo. But, he felt better yesterday. We got some good pictures last night so Barry will post those over the weekend.

Ryan's expected to go to Children's one day next week for a couple of hours for his Vincristine. He's also scheduled to start radiation therapy next Thursday at the James. He will have receive radiation on his spine for 10 days. Ryan will go back to Children's on the 8th for another 5 days of the chemo that he was just on last week. Please pray that Ryan will have a good week while he's off. And, pray for his strength and peace of mind while he begins the radiation again.

God Bless,
Aunt Amy

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