Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yesterday was Day 2 of Ryan’s Radiation/Chemo schedule – and all is still going very well. No side effects so far. The treatment team at Children's is certainly going to do everything they can to keep Ryan as comfortable as possible through this process.

This week his daily routine will be 8AM going to The James for his radiation treatment, physical therapy at noon and then at 6:15 PM chemo.

We're estimating that Ryan will stay hospitalized for approximately 2 more weeks before being released. He'll still continue treatment, but will be able to do it from home - checking in at the hospital for tests and evaluations along the way.

We can’t really even begin to thank you all enough for your faithfulness in keeping Ryan (& family/caregivers/etc.) in your prayers! It’s truly a blessing to know that so many people care and take the time to show their Christ-like compassion for this family by praying for all involved.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Charity Golf Outing in support of Ryan

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Ryan Meets and Beats Dan Fritsche from the Columbus Blue Jackets

Update from Susan Early today, Ryan received a personal visit from Dan Fritsche, the center for our Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team. He spent time with Ryan, talking about his hockey experiences and signing team pictures and hats for him. Ryan was thrilled. Dan noticed that he had guitar hero in his room, and asked if he could play a few games with him, so Dan and Ryan jammed a bit. Rumor has it Ryan put it to fact, he said he doubled his score. Game On Dan! Next time your doing rounds...REMATCH! It was a great morning for Ryan.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Friends, Family, Block "O" and Celebs

Update by Melissa Tucker - Hi All! What a great weekend! Ryan has been showing marked improvement in his strength and ability to walk . . . He took a number of steps on Friday, quite a few on Saturday, but really blew everyone away on Sunday when he walked all the way down his hallway and even walked into the ‘teen room’ to show off his growing strength to everyone there pulling for him.

The whole weekend was full of surprises and accomplishments. It was a couple of days off from treatments, but was packed with friends, family, and fun! In addition to all of the friends & family who have been surrounding him since he was admitted, a great family friend, Roland, was able to come up from Florida to spend the weekend, which was a real treat. Friday night, with the help of friends Ryan had a ‘block O’ shaved into the back of his head – which was a big hit! After getting some pictures and showing it off, he did end up whisking the rest of his hair off too; which made for a fun night. Saturday turned into quite a star-studded event when OSU’s head football coach, Jim Tressel, paid Ryan a personal visit. Coach showed off his Big Ten Championship ring, posed for pictures and signed a football for Ryan. . . even shared a text message with the group that he received from Vernon Gholston (just prior to his getting drafted in the 1st round to the NY Jets) . . . pretty cool, huh? Then, one of Sunday’s highlights included a visit from the CEI Softball Team, who was happy to honor their former bat-boy with a few team shirts, a signed softball, and an invitation to throw out the first pitch of the season next year. Additionally, Jennifer, a favorite nurse from Ryan’s pain management team (and an angel in human skin) spent a good portion of her birthday (and day off) with her newly “adopted” family . . . it’s impossible to express adequately how significant an impact her presence has made (on all involved) throughout this process . . . I think all of the excitement really energized Ryan and contributed directly to his accomplishment of walking as much as he did.

Brad called Susan earlier today to let her know that Ryan had a great night last night. This morning he wanted to walk. He was able to go from his room, down the hall through the doors, to the nurse’s station. He was thrilled. Brad said each day his legs seem to be stronger.

Please continue to keep all of the Salmons family in your prayers. He will need his family and friends to be strong and uplifted for him. Also, please pray for his Doctors, Nurses and various other caregivers at Children’s and The James as they work together to fight this right alongside Ryan.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Journey Begins - Refuse to Lose!

Photo taken 4/26/08 with Ohio State Buckeyes Coach Jim Tressel

We are starting this blog for Ryan Salmons as he begins his fight with cancer. He was diagnosed last week and is just beginning his treatments which will initially start with radiation and chemotherapy. We will use this blog as a way to journal and update family and friends of the progress he is making with his treatments. A host of editors will do our best to keep you all apprised of his progress as we go through this ‘together’. We love you Ryan. Stay strong. You can win!