Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yesterday was Day 2 of Ryan’s Radiation/Chemo schedule – and all is still going very well. No side effects so far. The treatment team at Children's is certainly going to do everything they can to keep Ryan as comfortable as possible through this process.

This week his daily routine will be 8AM going to The James for his radiation treatment, physical therapy at noon and then at 6:15 PM chemo.

We're estimating that Ryan will stay hospitalized for approximately 2 more weeks before being released. He'll still continue treatment, but will be able to do it from home - checking in at the hospital for tests and evaluations along the way.

We can’t really even begin to thank you all enough for your faithfulness in keeping Ryan (& family/caregivers/etc.) in your prayers! It’s truly a blessing to know that so many people care and take the time to show their Christ-like compassion for this family by praying for all involved.

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