Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday's Update

Ryan started experiencing some pain in his right hip/lower back area yesterday. So the doctors ordered some X-Rays of his back and pelvic area. The new pain creates a bit of a quandary because, of the cancer found in his pelvic region, the significant portion was detected on his left side – not the right. The X-Rays did not reveal any major issues but the doctors still wanted to get a MRI done on his pelvic area tomorrow. He didn't seem to experience the same level of discomfort today which was good. Please continue to pray that Ryan's pain can be controlled.

His treatment still continued as planned…He had his radiation treatment this morning, had physical therapy this afternoon and chemo this evening. He still has a healthy appetite, not exhibiting any adverse side effects from the chemo, and is still as quick-witted as ever.

EJ (of EJ's Canyon Café – formerly Gibby's – in Grandview: ) generously provided hot-wings with all the trimmings for dinner last night – a big treat for all! If any of you are ever in the Grandview area – please do stop in EJ's for a bite and return the favor. A good friend with a generous heart . . . and seriously good food!

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