Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Update and a Visit from Chris Spielman and William White

With the first full week of the chemotherapy under his belt, the weekend became progressively more difficult for Ryan. By Saturday, the nausea and the draining weakness that predictably accompanies the chemo treatments significantly impacted Ryan’s comfort-level. But it didn’t stop him from making every effort to enjoy his family and friends and the visit from Dee Miller (former OSU wide receiver) on Saturday morning – new pictures of this just posted to the photo site. Ryan tried to be upbeat, but most could tell he was just not his perky self. He stayed in bed most of the day. He also opted out of physical therapy due to being just too tired to take it on.

Yesterday was a tough day. After sleeping for about 15-hours straight, he woke up around 3PM feeling pretty sick. Physical therapy was put on the back-burner again and he really was not up to having visitors. Sunday night was rather rough– he just couldn’t get comfortable and was up almost all night fighting the constant nausea and debilitating weakness.

Ryan’s schedule for this morning through Wednesday will include: Radiation treatment up at The James in the morning and physical therapy mid-day if he’s up for it. After Wednesday his radiation treatments will be suspended (according to plan) and will resume later in his treatment schedule. Tonight he will receive his only round of Chemo for the week, but this will be a much stronger (increased) dose.

Either today or tomorrow they plan on moving Ryan from the Cancer Floor to the Rehab Floor to begin a regimented program to strengthen his legs and see what his limitations and strengths are. They hope to eventually get him strong enough to come home (possibly as soon as this coming weekend) and then he would only have to visit Children's once a week for his chemo. Initially Ryan was disappointed when they told him he would be leaving the Cancer Floor because he has become very attached to the staff taking care of him there. He understands, however, that he needs to keep positive and this is just one more step toward getting stronger and beating this disease!

Ryan’s dad, Brad, planned for Chris Spielman and William White, former OSU & NFL players to visit this morning. They stayed for about 45 minutes and spoke with Ryan. Chris talked with Ryan about the cancer that he has and his treatment. Chris shared with Ryan his own personal experience and how his family coped and dealt with his wife, Stefanie’s, own battle with breast cancer. Chris and Ryan also discussed weightlifting. William shared with Ryan about what he’d done in the NFL and stories about the Super Bowl. Ryan was thrilled with the visit.

William White and Chris Spielman visit with Ryan and Brad.

This was an uplifting time for Ryan when he has been down a little bit. He was able to share this time with his friend, Elaine, who has been here this morning visiting Ryan. Pictures of this will be posted to the blog within the next day or so.

Please do keep all the thoughts and prayers coming. . . . The impact all of your prayers are making is not unnoticed and is truly comforting for all involved!

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