Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ryan received a special letter from 2-time Heisman Trophy winner and former OSU football player, Archie Griffin, yesterday. Archie wrote that he was informed about Ryan's illness and encouraged him to keep strong and fight as hard as he can. The much treasured letter will be added to his growing collection of OSU memorabilia and various other well wishes. All of which serve to inspire and encourage Ryan every day. . .

Since Ryan no longer has an appetite and has been continually nauseous, they are now giving him fluids via his IV to help keep him adequately hydrated. Today or tomorrow they will be drawing blood to check his blood count. We're hoping and praying that it remains good.

This morning was Ryan's last radiation treatment for a while. Since Ryan is still very weak, they have postponed moving him to the rehab floor until this weekend. Hopefully he will get his appetite back and can regain enough strength to transition to rehab. We will certainly continue to keep you all posted.

A special thanks to Katie Steiner and Kate Furman of Nationwide Arena & the Columbus Blue Jackets organization for setting up yesterday's special visit from "The Bombshells" - the Columbus Destroyers [Arena Football team] cheerleaders.

We really can't thank you all enough for keeping the prayers and well-wishes coming . . . it's not only an inspiration to Ryan, but a comfort to the whole family as well as all of the friends and caregivers involved in Ryan's fight and recovery!

To sum up today’s update; I’ve included a heart-felt poem written for Ryan by Mike Huffman, Softball Coach and long-time family friend . . .

Ryan’s Journey
by Mike Huffman
Family and friends have joined their hands and their hearts
We have formed a circle of strength that will not come apart
When times are dark and some things go wrong
Remember our prayers to help you stay strong.

Let our tremendous love for you become a guiding light
Let us show you the path as you as you continue your fight
We will be beside you for support every step of the way
We will join voices to cheer for you on your victory day.

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C said...

Ryan and family
I am a friend of Amy's and I have been checking up on you every day and thought it was about time I leave a message. I wanted to let you know that I am praying without ceasing!

What an amazing support system of family and friends you have surrounding you! You must be one very special young man!