Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pray for mental and physical strength

Ryan is going in shortly for another MRI. Please pray.

Ryan had another rough night...especially mentally. He understands that this will be a long battle with plenty of ups and downs. But with that said, we need your prayers of support to help lift him up emotionally as well as physically. Ryan is just physically drained. All involved are trying very hard to keep his spirits up. I would also like to ask you to pray for those caring for Ryan day in and day out. It is so hard mentally for everyone. It is so difficult to see someone you love hurting. Please lift them up as well.

Hopefully, since Ryan's chemo is done for the week, he will feel better and be in better spirits. Ryan’s appetite has diminished (partly due to nausea, and partly as a direct side effect from the medications) so he has been receiving nutrition intravenously. Last night, in addition to his usual regimen of medications he was given an appetite stimulant. With that, hopefully he will regain his appetite and be able to enjoy some food soon.

Ryan slept a good portion of yesterday morning/early afternoon, but had a pretty full late afternoon...Shortly after finishing his chemotherapy (in addition to many friends and family) he had a very special visit from a fabulous group of ‘bikers’… Close family friend, Ken Vaido, and a group of about 20 leather-clad friends and supporters from Leave a Mark Church, dropped by to pay Ryan a personal visit. It was a real blessing to have the group take the time to stop by and encourage Ryan. And after a heartfelt, spirit-filled (and much appreciated) prayer, everyone’s spirits were markedly lifted.

The American Cancer Society’s Race for the Cure was this past weekend. A very special thanks goes out to Becky Hollen who, although she’s never met Ryan, was willing to sponsor Ryan’s luminary and avail her ‘TALX WALX team’ to Ryan’s friends and family.

It is impossible to put into words the depth of gratitude we feel for all of your support and prayers for Ryan. Thank you doesn't seem adequate. Please continue to cover Ryan with prayer for mental and physical strength.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan and family.

Please check this site out and consider Ryan for it. This program is wonderful and would help with Ryan's spirit and remind him that complete strangers can make a difference. God Bless and stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Ryan and family! we are all behind you and praying for all of you! keep staying strong Ryan!

Anonymous said...

The whole Hilliard Community has you and your family in our thoughts in prayers. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Hi! You don't know me, but I have been reading your Blog and praying for you. My son Tyler has been a patient on J-5 since November 14. He is now out-patient most of the time after spending the first 5 months mainly in the hospital. Jodi H. was and is Tyler's favorite nurse along with many, many others. But Jodi has a special place in our family's hearts, as she was his first nurse on J-5. Tyler was back in the hospital on Monday, Tues, and Weds. this week and he got to spend some time with Jodi and a few of his other favorites! Those nurses on J-5 are angels. Please know that we are all praying for you. Fight To Win!
Kathy Alfriend

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan, Brad and Family We want you to know that you are in our hearts, on our minds and in our prayers today.. Love and God Bless, Aunt Carol

Kyle Alfriend said...

Hello Ryan-

Hang in there! Reading your blog takes us back 6 months. We were right there with you with our son Tyler. It really, really sucks. But you can beat it. Tyler is almost done, and you will be there soon.

J-5 does have the best nurses. Be sure to tell them exactly how you feel.

Kyle Alfriend

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog to stay updated on everything-- hang in there and continue fighting! There are alot of people thinking about you on T5 (the unit where you were first admitted). We felt so bad that you were in so much pain, but you still managed to make us smile by something you said or did! I think that is why so many people obviously care about you! Even through the pain, your personality came through. Keep that same spirit up-- and keep making nurses smile!!
Amy, T5 nurse