Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Update

I had the opportunity to spend the last 24-hours by Ryan’s side. So, first a quick update on his condition. He had a terrible week coping with the side effects of Monday’s chemo treatment. Nausea, total loss of appetite and extreme weakness are expected side effects and he certainly experienced them in a BIG way. The MRI on his head came back clear and his stomach x-rays were clear too. This was great news and a blessing during what turned out to be a challenging week. But, what I noticed and we are all concerned about is his current mental state. He knows the battle ahead, mentally and physically, is going to be long and tough. Together with God’s Grace, Ryan can beat cancer, but the reality of the fight ahead has him down. Today was the best day of the week, but he has a long way to go. Please keep praying for his peace and a mental state that will keep him in the ‘fight.’

The oncology floor (J5) at Children’s Hospital is truly a special place. Over the last few weeks, as we all try to cope with a Son, Brother, Grandson, Nephew and Friend with cancer we’ve had the opportunity to draw upon experiences of other families going through their own battles with cancer. Two particular children that also need your prayers….eight year old Trey Martens who is next door to Ryan and sixteen year old Tyler Alfriend. Although in different phases of treatment, their journeys have been hard fought and are an inspiration. When you get a chance, read Tyler’s Dads comments about coping with a child with cancer. I think we all can take something away from his words of advice. Keep Trey (pictured with Destroyer Bombshells), Tyler, Jessica and all of the kids on J5 in your prayers. While you are at it, remember the Nurses, Doctors and Caregivers on J5…it takes special people to do what these people do day-in and day-out. God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Ryan- We all have you in our thoughts in prayers. Hang in there buddy...

Anonymous said...

Ryan its Lacy from the MRI Department just wanted to stop in and say Hello and let you know I was thinking about you. I will be up to see you sometime this week. Please know I am praying for you and am always thinking of you and your family!!!! See you soon Ryan!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan, Brad, Susan, Marg and Carl, Robin and Richard Plus devoted friends.I want you to know that you are all important in Ryan's fight. He is very blessed to have a caring and loving family and his many friends and family members. My thoughts are with you each day and much at night time as in most of the persons mentioned above. My God's loving care surround you as well as your caretakers. Love and Blessings, Aunt Carol

Jerry Von Deylen said...

Ryan, your Dad's friend, Jerry, from Cincinnati. I just heard about your situation from your Dad today and am saddened.

I know I was shocked when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 years ago Fortunately for me, surgery was the treatment course I elected and except for some side effects "all is well."

I know your course of treatment is daunting but with God's grace, your caregivers, support of your family and friend, and your positive attitude you are up for this challenge.

You will lifted in prayer at my Friday morning Bible study. I hope the fact that so many people from all walks of life are pulling for you will give you the strength to fight this battle.

God Bless,

Jerry Von Deylen

Anonymous said...

We keep praying and praying that God will give you the strength and courage to fight this battle. We know that he is holding you in his loving arms.

Anonymous said...


My wife Donna and I are praying for you everyday. I hope you are having a good day today. I would like to come up with my sister, Velvet Colliflower and visit you.

You are great inspiration for your courage and for fighting the battle you are fighting. Iam positive that God has some great things in store for you. He is already using you to touch the lives of many.

God Bless, from one Buckeye fan to another.
Darrel Riggs