Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekly Recap, Car Ride, Fund Raisers and More…

Overall, Ryan had a good week. If there is such a thing as a light chemo week…it was one of those weeks. He says he is feeling better and stronger each day. The week was highlighted with not one, not two, but three excursions out of the hospital. The hospital staff allowed him to leave the hospital and go for a drive with his Dad for a couple of hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Ryan really enjoyed re-experiencing the routine. The things that we all take for granted everyday…a short car ride, trees and flowers in bloom, a view of an empty Ohio Stadium, Abby (the dog) putting her head on his knee for a quick ear-scratch and a drive by Leave a Mark Church, a Church of Ryan supporters. Re-experiencing all of these things gave him a tremendous mental boost.

Next week is a tough chemo week and Ryan is really dreading it. Please keep him in your prayers that he may be able to tolerate this ‘healing poison’ they are pumping into his body. He is very nervous about next week. The current plan calls for an ‘evaluation week’ the week after next.

Many blog readers have emailed or posted public words of encouragement for Ryan. What amazes me is the outpouring of support and encouragement from total strangers. Parents, who by fate, that have been brought together by this awful disease that’s attacking their precious children. We’ve received words of encouragement and prayers from parents of a child who fought alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma ten years ago and beat it. Thank you Lynn M for your kind words of encouragement. I passed your email to Ryan’s Dad, Brad (my brother.)

Here are a couple of reminders about the upcoming fund-raisers. Tomorrow night is the Skate for Ryan! event. Please try to attend. It should be a great night with a rink full of Ryan’s friends and supporters. Additionally, the deadline for registration for the Ryan Salmons Charity Golf Outing is Monday, June 2nd. All proceeds will go to the Ryan Salmons Donation Fund to help offset current and future medical expenses and necessities.

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Ryan... all of us here at Nelson Auto Group think of and pray for you daily. Keep up the good fight, we are with you!!

NAG peeps ;/

Kyle said...


I found your webpage from the other blog. I'm fighting cancer myself (T-Cell ALL dx'ed July '07) and hardly know any teenager/young adult who is going down the same road. So, I consider myself lucky to find you and also to read your story.

Will keep you in my prayers list from now on and hopefully one day all this thing will be a thing of the past for both of us.

I'll check in on you again later.
Until then, wish your day is better.

Gary & JoEllen Hahn said...


You don't know us but we live down the street from your Dad . Even though we have never met you we feel that we do know alot about your character and you as a person through reading your web page .

We realize that it is very hard to keep your spirits up and to stay positive when you are fighting an illness. But 90% of the battle is your positive attitude . Never lose it or doubt it.

If you have ever been in competitive sports you know what blood , sweat, and tears it takes to achieve your goals and be the very best you can be.

Well relate it to the fight against this disease and use the same tactics from above. Anything worth achieving takes everything you have to give it.

We realize somedays you feel physically drained and the thought of having to go through another day is depressing but depression is not in your game book. Dig down a little further and plug through each day as it comes.

Don't fret about what might be but that YOU are the man and you will let NOTHING get you down.

Just think that YOU will WIN this battle and in time you will be looking back and saying Yes it was worth it.

Don't let anything get you down.
You have thousands of people praying and rooting for you . Your family is a positive rock for you also. YOU are so lucky to have all these people in your corner.

Ryan you will look back and say wow I am a survivor and you will be the one giving others support.



Gary and JoEllen

Tony said...

Ryan...Mr. O. here. I see things are getting tough again. I just want you to know, I am thinking of you daily and praying for you whenever I get the chance. Please hang in there. You are one tough young man and I have confidence in YOU that YOU can get through all of this!! Stay positive and as others have said, keep that attitude up!!!