Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Update

Ryan had another difficult day today dealing with a lot of stomach pain. He was up a good bit of the night and slept a good part of the day. I am sure it would be very easy to have days and nights mixed up. His pain meds have been "ramped up" and he has been sleeping more. He will be going through additional testing (MRI) and scans tomorrow to help determine the cause of his abdomen pain. Please pray for a positive outcome to these tests.

The picture-taking has slowed down as attention is certainly focused on getting his pain and stomach issues under control. Additionally, as many of you know, the hospital staff has limited the numbers and duration of there is less to take pictures of. I am including the picture below, taken on May 9th, of Brad and Dennis with Ryan. Dennis brought Ryan one very large pair of used cleats worn and signed by James Laurinaitis and a mini-helmet signed by this year's leading Heisman Trophy candidate Chris "Beanie" Wells.

Click image to make larger. The shoes are huge!

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