Friday, April 3, 2009

Pancake Breakfast in Hilliard tomorrow

Tomorrow the Hilliard Kiwanis will be having a pancake breakfast to benefit Ryan. The details are listed below. If you are in the Hilliard area, please feel free to enjoy a weekend breakfast out.

As long as Ryan is feeling ok, he plans on making and appearance and eating some cakes.

Title: Hilliard Kiwanis Pancake Day Event
Date: 4/4/2009
Number of Days: 1
Start Time: 7:30 AM
End Time: 12:30 PM
Location: American Legion in Hilliard, Ohio
Description: Annual Pancake Day fundraiser - All proceeds to Ryan Salmons Donation Fund.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who has supported Ryan over the past year. The support Ryan has received is truly amazing.


Anonymous said...

I have just started following your blog. I also saw you on tv the other morning. Your story was so touching and brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful family and connections that you have. I am so sorry for the results of the MRI. Words cannot express the heartache.
We have also been frequent visitors of J5 and childrens Hemoc clinic. Although our paths have never crossed I will continue to keep you in my prayers each and every day. God bless!

Anonymous said...

I will be there at the breakfast looking forward in seeing you there.

CateLeigh said...

We'll be in town for a baeball tournament - hoping we can swing by!

Smilen Champ said...

Hi Ryan and Family,
My name is Jenna and I am a huge Blue Jackets fan from BC. Canada. Infact I heard about you from my Blue Jackets friend assistant gm Chris Macfarland. He told me about you and that you are fighting a real battle in life, just like I am. My mom and I met Chris, in Dallas Texas, where we went to see the doctor about a type of gamma knife radiation that will help block my pain I suffer in daily from a life threatening disease. Chris and the Blue Jackets have made a real positive impact in my life. Chris sent me a Rick Nash signed Jersey at Christmas time, a hat and t-shirt, my dad a hat and t-shirt and my mom a t-shirt. Then in March 2009, my dad and I got to go to Vancouver to a canucks and Blue Jackets game! We got free tickets and after the game, I got to meet my hero's Rick Nash and RJ Umberger. I also got to meet Manny Malhotra, and Jakub Voraceck and Kris Russell and Mike Comadore. Chris told all of them about my life threatening diesease and 26 operations. They all showed their support and made my dream come true! You are a hero and an inspiration too especially to the Blue Jackets! The Blue Jackets are an awesome orginization and my dad and I watch proudly all their games on tv and cheer loudly for all of them especially RJ and Rick! I am also getting a signed RJ jersey as well, Chris Promised me one! I have 26 hockey jerseys so far. I have pictures of me and the Blue Jackets players on my website.
Ryan thankyou for inspiring me with your story and brave, courageous fight.
My website:

taylor maruniak said...

hey ry!! i will be the amazing chef in the kitchen tomorrow cookin your pancakeS!! they will be the best in the whole wide world for you... promise! welll i miss you and hope you can make it there.

love, taylor maruniak

Anonymous said...

Just saw your story on Jackets Live...keep fighting and know that just as Columbus is here for the CBJ we're all here for you as well.

Unknown said...

This is the best thing about hockey I've ever heard -- and needs more press time. Why aren't stories like this all over the news? I want the public, those who only think hockey is about the "fights on ice" to realize how hockey fights something else -- cancer.

By the way, I am a teacher and one of my students has cancer and has been actively involved in the "Hockey Fights Cancer" program. Nothing amazes me more than the courage this 13 year old shows, and how the Columbus Blue Jackets have stepped up and proven how wonderful they truly are by getting involved in the fight.

Ryan, my prayers are with you -- God bless you and keep fighting!

Carolyn B.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan and family,

My dad and I are Predators fans who ended up in Ohio for tonight's game. We saw a story about you on FS Ohio before the opening faceoff, and we hope you enjoy Columbus' first playoff appearance! We got to attend Nashville's first playoff game, and it's an amazing experience!

All the best,
Liz and David

Anonymous said...

Awesome story! Go Jackets, beat the Preds, though Erich would disagree...

Cindy and Erich Ackley