Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th, 2009

We have focused our posts lately on what Ryan has wanted to do: cars, bikes, and Blue Jackets. Now it is time to update how Ryan is doing.

One year ago today, Ryan was home in severe pain and we could not find a cause. Ryan made several trips to his pediatric physician, a trip to the ER room, and a chiropractor trying to align his body. Nothing would help and the pain continued to get worse. They would continue to say he had a sciatic nerve issue and that only time could heal it. Ryan’s chiropractor, not the hospital or his general physician ordered the MRI to see what was going on internally. As a parent, looking back, I had trust in the physicians that cared for Ryan. A year later, I have learned that we as parents are the only advocates for our children. Hospitals and doctors live in worlds of averages. It was not likely that an 18 year old boy that was healthy would have a major issue. PARENTS, please question your physicians if what they say does not sit well with you. Looking back it is easy to say, but you know your child better than anyone and all you are asking is that they do a little more tests to make sure what they think is truly happening is…..We certainly were on the wrong side of the average. Today is the anniversary of that MRI. Patrick, thank you for ordering that MRI. If you had not done so, we may not have had this year with Ryan.

Ryan continues to feel well. He has taken time this week to relax and recoup from his weekend. Yesterday, we were at the James to map radiation that Ryan will undergo for some tumors in the skull. He is looking forward to slowing the tumor growth and possibly reducing them. Our hope is that he will gain more quality time with this round of radiation. Ryan continues to have platelets and blood transfusions every other day. He has had some reaction to them, so please pray that these go smoothly for him.


Christine F. said...

Prayers for Ryan!!!

I have had many days/weeks at the James and I hope your experiences are as fine as ours were. Couldn't have done it without them!! Love to the staff and of course Ryan.

God Bless you all!!!!

Hilliard Tennis Coach

Anonymous said...


Your story of strength and perseverance continues to amaze. Daily I refer someone new to this site so they can see truly what a hero looks like and does. Keep up the fight and may G-d continue to watch over you.


GoBucks said...

Mr. Salmons,
You couldn't be more right about parents being advocates for their own children. As you said, we know our children better then anyone!! Well said!!
Ryan is a special young man who touched my life even before the cancer arrived. Now watching him deal with this...he continues to impress me more every day.
As always, Ryan and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!!
Mr. O.

Anonymous said...

thats great! ill pray it works for you ry. you deserve it man. ill pray that it works and lessens your pain. you amazme me with your strength and courage every day. stray strong ry and keep fighting! youre in my thoughts and prayers every day!

hobitgirl said...

Brad- Cant agree more- Andy had leg pain his freshman year. After many dr and ortho appts, even with a valid diagnosis of osteoid osteoma- I was handing copies of my resoution plan to the Radiologists at too many places. If John hadnt listened to his headache a year ago, I am certain his aneurysm would have ruptured and we wldnt have had the opportunity to celebrate his birthday this year.

Question everything- learn how to research and when to place it in their hands.
Be an advocate for everyone that you can, share your experiences to create and awareness.
Keep being YOU!
Cheri Bregel

Taz said...

You continue to be both a blessing and source of encouragement for all of us, family and friends alike. Brad & Susan, we so much appreciate the updates you take time in providing. We have you all in our daily thoughts and prayers.
Chris & Melissa

Anonymous said...

Ryan Just wanted to stop and say hello and let you know I was thinking about you. Glad to hear your gettin out and enjoying yourself. I saw the post about your uncle Berry trying to get Amy to buy a car or bike!!!! How funny. Well take care I would love to see you if you get a chance and your at childrens please swing by mri to say hello. And like always keep that wonderful smile on your face:)


Aunt Kimmy said...

After 2 trips, 3 months apart, to Doctors West Hospital Emergency Room for severe knee pain that resulted in an x-ray and a "sprain" diagnosis, we decided to seek a specialist for Joe. Dr. Steven Gaines of Cardinal Orthopaedic Institute ordered a MRI, diagnosed osteosarcoma and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Joel Mayerson of OSU-James. These 2 Doctors, their commitment and urgency, are the reason Joe has a fighting chance!! Our gratitude is beyond words!

Katie Davis said...

Ryan I hope you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers every single day! I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed visiting with you throughout the past two months or so at all of the games. I love seeing your smiling face every time i walk in to SUITE 4..not 24!ha ha and meeting all of your family members that come along each time to support you and our jackets. I know the "regular" season has come to an end but this is just the beginning of the playoffs, and I don't think those boys could've done it without you!Let's hope we do well.=) You are such an inspiration to us all. Stay strong Ryan, I love you! <3 Katie

Rivet said...

My thoughts are with you, Ryan.

I found your blog through a Young Survivor Coalition/fellow breast cancer survivor, Anna Cluxton.

I hope that there is more of a recognition within the medical community that cancer can and does affect so many young people.

Your strength and fearlessness have given me inspiration and shown me how I should be living my life.

I wish you endless good days.

Best Wishes,
Laura Kuenzli

CateLeigh said...

Brad -

I can't agree with you more and your post comes at a poignant time in our lives as well. Coryn turned 10 on Sunday (and celebrated with the Jackets Saturday night), she was diagnosed on her birthday in 2005. Every year since, that has been a weird day for us, the days leading up to her birthday bring back memories of doctors appointments and missed signs. Like you we trusted the doctors - at one doctor's visit several week before her ALL diagnosis we went to urgent care because of joint pain. The doctor even said to me, "We sometimes see joint pain with more serious things like leukemia, but she doesn't show any other symptoms." If he had ordered blood work then....well it doesn't matter now... the what if's don't do us any good. We take what we have and we deal with it in the moments that we have.

Hugs to all of you - you are still daily in our thoughts and prayers.

Cathy Lord and Family

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your strength and courage. I want you to know that while we live here in NC and we are HUGE Carolina Hurricanes fans, you have made me a Columbus FAN. I will be cheering for your team while remaining faithful to mine. Thank you for touching my life. Continued Prayers for you and your family.
It is true. We are our kids advocates. My HS senior's best friend was having back pain trying out for cheerleading 3 yrs ago, an xray and then MRI confirmed osteosarcoma. Keep the faith.
JoAnn in NC