Monday, April 13, 2009

Ride For Ryan

Attention Bike Owners!

Ken Vaido, a family friend, is putting together a benefit "Ride For Ryan" this weekend. Here are the details.

Event Date: April 18, 2009 (Rain date April 19)
Time: 12:00 p.m. (Noon)
Place: Meet at WAL-MART on Stringtown Road (North lot)
Additional Details: Contact Kenneth Vaido at 614-419-2404 or

As a side note, I tried to talk my wife (Aunt Amy) into buying a vette for the cruise-in last weekend...didn't work for me. Guess what? This weekend I am going for a Harley! Any thoughts on the outcome of that conversation? Riders, should be a great time. Enjoy the day (without me!)

God Bless, Barry (Ryan's Uncle)


kenneth said...

Barry I'm praying for you I hope Amy lets you get a Harley so you can ride with your brother Brad and I. Anyone wanting to contact Ken about the ride my e-mail is WE LOVE YOU RYAN , THANKS

Anonymous said...

if i had a bike id be there! im sure itll be a blast! you look very handsome in the pictures from the breakfast! not liek you dont look handsome any other time :) stay strong ry! love you!

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Brad and I believe the next function should be a Victorious Viper Extravaganza! I am sure many owners such as my hubby and myself would LOVE to parade our Vipers around for this great cause!! So hang on there Barry...a Viper trumps em all!!! Keep STRONG Ryan..You have alot of ANGELS watching over you! Muah!! Trisha (Glassburn) Jones