Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ride for Ryan, Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a beautiful day we had! The weather was great, the turn out was unbelievable, the friendship was undeniable! It was a day that was meant to be. I will get into the ride later, after an update of Ryan's weekend.

Ryan started out with radiation on Friday morning. He seemed to tolerate it well and he was off to meet with a group of friends from the state up north. Yes that is for the remembrance of Coach Hayes that didn't want to give that state any credit. Now with The Blue Jackets playing the Red Wings, we have two teams up there to cheer against. Anyway, as much as we can joke about Michigan and the sports teams, the people are awesome. Ryan had a group of corvette owners drive down from Western Michigan to meet him for lunch. After a nice gathering at Quaker Steak, we drove them down to Nationwide Arena. They were Red Wing fans...... Anyway, they saw some southern hospitality, and got a tour of the arena by our friends from the Blue Jackets. (But they had to take off the Red Wing gear!)

Ryan has needed to increase his pain medicine to manage his pain, but continues to do well. He does tire easier, but still has the drive to live life to the best of his ability. This was evident on Saturday. He was determined to go south to McArthur to meet the group of bikes. While he really wanted to ride, health issues and concerns made him drive instead of ride. Ryan got to enjoy time with friends and family. We had many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends join us from southern Ohio. Thanks to all that came out to see Ryan. It really meant a lot that everyone attended. To all the riders, thank you for spending your day with Ryan. All the support has continued to lift Ryan's spirit. Thank you to everyone that donated grills, cooked, and help make this a great day. To Ken, Lynn and family, thank you for all your hard work to make this day memorable. Chris, thank you for capturing many of them in pictures.

Ryan attended services at Leave a Mark church today. He wanted to thank Pastor Steve for supporting him over the past year. He went in his "Armani"! He does make it look good. We had an issue with his port today, but after much concern, everything worked out OK.

Ryan will continue radiation tomorrow. Please pray that Ryan continues to have good days and that the radiation doesn't have any ill side effects.

For those who wanted the Salmons # 3 tee shirts, you can order them directly from the Blue Jackets Foundation. The contact number is 614-246-4168. The person you can speak with is Kate Furman. Thanks to all who have inquired about supporting Ryan and The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation.


Anonymous said...

Its GREAT to hear that you are keeping the FAITH Ryan! I am so glad the you had an enjoyable weekend!
Now as far as the Jackets go..they will rally back.Once they are on their own ice and have all their fans and YOU supporting will all turn-around! Just wait!!!
Keep Strong Ryan,Keep the FAITH..and DON'T STOP BELIEVING!!! Thinking of you and your mom&dad..and praying to the Big Guy for a miracle!!!!!

GoBucks said...

Wow, what an awesome day for your event Ryan!! I wish I could have been there, but I was out of town this weekend for family event.
Anyway, I am so HAPPY to see that you had such a great day!! I think the good Lord knew what was going on, and decided to show the sun and warm things up for your day!!
Thinking and praying for you always!!
Mr. O.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,
It looks like the bike event turned out great. I keep sharing your story with as many people as possible so everyday you have more people praying for you and your entire family.
Ryan, keep your faith and stay strong!
F.R.O.G....Love, Linda and Al

Tara Dodrill said...

I took many photos during the motorcycle ride in McArthur, and would like to send them to you. You are in our thoughts and prayers, and are an inspiration.

Tara Dodrill

Jason and Jill said...

Good Morning Ryan,
We had a great time at the Ride for Ryan cookout in McArthur Saturday. The weather was PERFECT. (Plus, I finally figured out who has the SALMONS license plates, which I tried to get through the DMV and never could!! I always wondered! Lol!) Madeline was so excited to see all the motorcycles and even more tickled to get to take one of your giant balloons home with her, which she loved. We are addicted to your website and check it frequently, so thanks for the updates. You are in our thoughts and our prayers!
Jill, Jason and Madeline Salmons
(Wellston, OH)

Tara Dodrill said...

Link to article and photos from your motorcycle event in McArthur. Tara

Jennifer Bueter said...

Ryan, We think about you and pray for you daily! Love, The Bueter's
Bryan, Jennifer, Audrey, Brayden & Jayson

Unknown said...

Hi Ryan,

We really enjoyed your motorcycle event this weekend and I'm glad it was held closer to your southern Ohio relatives. Ha Ha! I'm glad you were able to talk to BJ about your faith in God and I hope his healing ways gave you a lot of strength and will continue to do so for months and months to come.

With love and prayers,
Eddie, Cindy, Levi & Ciera Miller

Morrison said...

Hey Ryan,
Just thought I'd leave a note from across the pond to show my support for your fight. I came across your story on the net and having found your blog, I've been bowled-over by the support you've been getting.
I was especially pleased to see an indication of your faith and you can be assured of my prayers from here on in.
I hope that you can enjoy all the special experiences that you've had/are having and whilst I can't really approve of your choice of team, I hope that the Jackets give you something to smile about in the playoffs.

Stay strong and keep the faith,

Canucks Fan, London England.

John Wiedeman said...

Hey Ryan: Great to see you had a good time with the event recently. I am writing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada where the Blackhawks are playing the Calgary Flames here in the playoffs. As I was watching the Bluejackets game I thinking about you and how you're doing. Your site is great and I'm happy to see that so many friends and loved ones are able to show you support. I hope you're feeling OK my friend and don't give up hope for the Jackets. Only twice in the history of the NHL has a team come back from a deficit of 3-games to none to win a playoff series. How cool would it be if the Jackets were the 3rd team, eh? VERY COOL if you ask me. OK pal, keep fighting the good fight. I'm praying for you my friend as miracles do happen. Talk soon, be well and Go Jackets in game #4 ! John Wiedeman, Chicago Blackhawks Radio.

Anonymous said...

I did not know Ryan (or any of his family members). However, his story touched my heart. What a beautiful and strong person he was. Whenever we complain about an ache or pain, we need to stop and think about Ryan and everything he went through. He still, prevailed with a smile, strength and a strong "can do" attitude until the time our Lord took him Home to be one of his Angels. Even though he was a stranger to many of us, we need to adopt Ryan's positive attitude! What a WONDERFUL young man he was; all parents should be so lucky to have a son like Ryan!

God Rest your soul, Ryan. And, for the Blue'd better play extremely well as you know Ryan is with you.