Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back Home, now back at Children's 3/14/09

Ryan got to come home from the hospital late Thursday evening. After they determined that he had a bladder infection, they treated it with antibiotics. His fever had stayed down for over 24 hours and back home we went. While Ryan was home, he never really seemed to be himself.

This morning, Saturday, we woke up around 9am and Ryan had another fever in excess of 101. So by 11am we were in the ER and by 5pm we were back on J5. Ryan has not felt well since we went home Thursday, and I don't believe he ever kicked the first infection. We will most likely be at Children's through the weekend. His counts have remained constant, WBC and HBC are fine and his Platelets are still very low.

Right now Ryan is resting and we await the results of the cultures taken earlier today.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for the update Brad. Please keep us posted… Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

I know it has been a tough couple of days and Mona and I are thinking of you and Susan. We'll do anything...just ask. Pat & Mo