Tuesday, March 10, 2009

False Start..........

Ryan has been able to keep his chemo weeks scheduled as planned. But this week, we had our first postponement due to low counts. Even though Ryan has not had chemo for a month, his platelet levels are not cooperating. His current platelets are 50 and need to be at least 75 before he can continue his treatment. A normal count is between 140-440.

Please keep Ryan in your prayers as I have followed others that wait months for the counts to return. We need to get Ryan back on his plan so we can do everything possible. Ryan will enjoy a few hockey games this week and an off week just like Dale Jr. (Though Ryan can't travel to a beach somewhere warm to enjoy it.)

Thanks to all of you who are following Ryan's progress and keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

We are still praying for you ryan ! Everyone @ Flashes of Hope sends their love and support!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry! After a morning pediatrician's appt for my oldest two kids - I had to head to NCH for a phys med appt with Avalon, my CK. Turns out, the ped. ordered x-rays and labs... Moral of the story - I just walked into the house. (We live in Powell) I missed being able to call you by a few minutes. I'm leaving for Mom's Night Out now. I'll take you out to dinner this week to make up for it! Darn hospital...don't they know we moms need to connect? Arghhhh...

I WILL track you down tomorrow to apologize!

Alicia - Avalon's mom

Anonymous said...

We’ll keep [raying for those counts to go uppppppp. Love to you all.. Aunt Carol