Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Team Photo 2009 CBJ with Ryan

The newest photo of the 2009 Blue Jackets. Please note the guy standing behind Steve Mason on the front left. Yes, that would be MY SON! Ryan had the opportunity to join the Jackets at their photo shoot yesterday. He was thrilled that they included him. Yesterday was a tough day, so I am glad that they brighten it up a little.

As for the jersey's, Wendy Bradshaw and Kate Furman have set up an order form off of the Foundation website. I have included the link below. Once you click this link, then look for the Salmons #3 Jersey link. Please order your jersey's directly from the foundation. This will allow you to use debit or credit cards. That was one of the issues we had been trying to work out. They have assured me they will be done on a priority basis as many of you want Ryan to sign them.


All proceeds from the jersey sales will be donated to the Foundation to support Pediatric Cancer. As you all may know, I support the work that they do with all the families from J5.

I want to thank everyone for your support of Ryan. I know as a father I have learned a lot from him.



Anonymous said...

Ryan, How Awesome is that getting in the team photo!! It is obvious that you are a true inspiration to the team and everyone around you!!!
Can't wait to receive our #3 special edition jerseys.

Ron and Jan Barton

CateLeigh said...

That is so awesome!! I hope this is the photo they use for the team posters for the finale giveaway!!

kenneth said...

Ryan I told you that you have be an inspiration to so many people. You are the strongest person I no and you have touched so many hearts. We love you so much. Ken & lynn

Evan Schroeder said...

Yeah Ryan!! That is really great.

We cheered for you when they showed you on the big screen the other night at the game! You looked great!!

Lori, Jamie, Alexander and Evan Schroeder

Anonymous said...

You are my inspiration!

Nicole Spiert said...

Hey Ryan its Nicole ( Lynns Daughter)

I just wanted to tell you that your the most Amazing guy I have ever meet and you have touched my life so much just the few times I have got to be around you:)I have sent out many prayer chains for you and they have made it to a lot of other states! I know so many people that you have touched that have not got the privilege in meeting you. But you inspire me!

Nicole Spiert

Anonymous said...

how much do the jerseys cost?

Unknown said...


You are truly an inspiration. You make understanding what's REALLY important in life crystal clear. Keep your family close like you do and KEEP FIGHTING, don't ever give up! BTW I have an C5 Vert, nice 03 Torch Z06!! Can you sign my fuel rail covers? Serious.

Westerville, OH.