Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Morning Update

I want to thank all of Ryan's friends who have responded to Ryan's request. The support that you have shown him is absolutely incredible. Ryan has enjoyed seeing many friends over the past two days. Ryan has stayed stable over the past day. He continues to have long term recall but the short term memory has been affected. His pain has been under control during this time.

Now comes the hard part of this post. Balancing Ryan's wishes verses his medical care. Many people have responded and it is taking a toll on Ryan both mentally and physically. Some of his friends will just be getting back to town this weekend. We want to balance the visitors, medical care and family needs at this time. I in no way am asking people to stay away at this time, but please understand if we have to limit visitors so some of his friends that have been away and not seen him get a chance to see him. Also, we have out of town family and friends coming in this weekend. Please understand this is a tough situation and a new area we are walking into.

Please feel free to call ahead to see if it is a good time, or please don't be upset if you may not be able to see him due to his medical needs.

Thanks to all for the prayers and support during this most difficult time.


Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for Ryan and your family. Your family is a fine example of love, strength and hope. I pray for comfort now. God be with you all now.

Anonymous said...

I just don't know what to say. No one can know the depth of the sadness, grief and lost feelings of parent who is going through what you are. You, your wife, Ryan, Margaret and Carlos have been such an amazing example of being a close, nurturing, and loving family. Iris has kept me updated on Ryan. I know there is nothing I can say or do. But just know that my heart and prayers will be with all of you as you go through this journey.
Ryan is an exceptionally brave and courageous young man. More people should be like him. He is a shining example of how to live your life to its fullest, and never quit. I pray he has no pain, feels the love of family around him, and that his new journey will be peaceful. May you all have the feeling of Gods love around you at this difficult time.
I will be praying for you. Let Ryan know he has inspired many people to live life to its fullest, and one day at a time.
Drusie Smith-Armstrong

Anonymous said...

As a parent myself, i just cannot imagine what you and your family are going through. I want you to know that we are praying for your strength as well as Ryan's peace. I know you are very pround of Ryan, and rightfully so. What an exceptional person! May God be by your side in this time of need.

Sandy Shearn said...

I do not know your son personally, but have come to know him through my close and personal relationship with his close friend, Eric Whann. Eric and his mother have shared Ryan's story with me and I have had him in my prayers for some time now. I learned today of the most recent events and just wanted to let you know that there are many, many people praying for Ryan and his family and friends. People that you don't even know. God Bless all of you. My deepest and most sincere heart felt blessings.

Anonymous said...

Dear Salmon's family,
I will keep Ryan in my prayers and also your whole family. I pray God will smile on Ryan and ease his pain.

Yours in Christ, mike baker

Anonymous said...

Salmons family,

We continue to pray for Ryan and all of you here at Chase... every moment, here-forward. The individuals are many, and Brad, you know them all. This family of Ryan, Brad, Susan, and Alaina, are what this world will remember as true "heroes".
Continue to walk in faith. The support is immeasurable.
As I was taught early on... We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Anonymous said...

As I have followed your battle this past year, what has always struck me is Ryan's contagious smile and upbeat attitude. May you feel God's love and grace during this difficult time. You are all in my prayers.

GoBucks said...

Salmons family,
I continue to think and pray for Ryan and your family 24/7.
Mr. O.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and the Salmons Family,

I contuniue to pary for Ryan, and all the family, this has been a hard year i am sure, the sadness is overwelling on my part but will pary for him and you.

-Josh Cunningham

Anonymous said...


I just found out from Kris about Ryan and this incredible journey you and your family have been undertaking.

May you find comfort and peace, and are able to cherish the wonderful life Ryan has given to you.

Karla Shockley McCarthy

Anonymous said...

i pray for ryan and his family everyday no1 should have to go through what you all are going through not only ryan but the whole family is probably the strongest people i will ever know no matter what happens im here for you all stay strong and god bless

zack nolan

Anonymous said...


I cannot imagine how you are feeling. Please know that my family will continue to pray for Ryan. Stay strong and God be with you and your family.

Mike & Darlene

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to your family. You've been through so much yet you keep pushing through. At times of weakness remember how strong you've had to be. Remember that God has plans unknown to us all and he will give Ryan what is best. I don't know Ryan personally but his story touches my heart. Rejoice in all the good and joyous times and do not let these hard times overcome you.

"God did not promise, days without pain, laughter without sorrow or snu without rain. But he did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears & light for the way"

You're in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Family

Parents...although you are going through something no parent wants to go through, don't forget Ryan is going to start a new journey. This current journey is getting him prepared for the greatness to come. have made thousands proud, not many men your age can say that; NO ONE will forget that.

PRAYER IS STRONG...and I know they are working for your family

Amanda Gleim-Pittman

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Ryan,

This is Ed Schaefer thinking of you and hoping you're having a great day. I think about you all the time and love you so much. I hope you can tune in the NASCAR race today at Bristol. Us Vette guys love our racing and Sarah tells me she thinks my 98 can take yours ???? We'll have to find out .... At work but thinking of you & enjoy the day.