Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday Night, Back at Children’s

After the last post, we were looking forward to going to see The Columbus Blue Jackets play the Boston Bruins. When I got home from work, Ryan asked if I would mind staying home and watching the game on TV. Stay home? Is this my son? What have you done to my son that willed himself to leave Children’s Hospital in the middle of Chemo to attend a hockey game earlier in the year? Needless to say, I knew he was not feeling well.

As late evening came and another Blue Jackets victory, YEAH!!!, the home phone rings. (This is how he summons me upstairs when I am on the first floor.) It was Ryan and we were off to see our friends at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Ryan spiked a high fever and had some other issues. By 3:30am we were back in the room where this all started in April. Ryan will be in the hospital for a day or so while they try to find the source of this infection. One note though is that his platelets are going the wrong way. The WBC and HBC are down but in an acceptable range. His platelets are down to 39. In a week they have dropped almost in half. Please keep Ryan in your prayers as postponing this treatment much longer becomes really concerning to his over all well being, both mentally and physically.

Please keep the other kids on J5 in your prayers as well. Joe Friend is in doing another round of chemo this week. Hopefully Ryan and Joe will be able to keep each other busy while they are in the hospital.


Anonymous said...

We are cheering for you Ryan!! And pryaing a lot too!
The Alfriend's

Anonymous said...

Ryan - keep fighting!! Thinking of you everyday....The Kern Family

Anonymous said...

I don’t like today’s report we will be praying… Aunt Carol