Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Quiet Weekend, Chemo This Week

Ryan has enjoyed a quiet weekend at home. After the past month, this has become a welcome change. Ryan did get a chance to go watch his former hockey team play a couple times this weekend in The Blue Jackets Cup Tournament. Hilliard beat teams from Cleveland and Mason. He really enjoyed getting to watch them play and see friends that he had not seen in a while. Other than those short trips, Ryan has spent the weekend resting and getting ready for a tough chemo week.

Ryan has been on chemo since mid April 2008. Each and every round has been given in the hospital. This week, we get to try to administer the chemo as an out-patient. Ryan will do the five day chemo in the day hospital and spend the rest of the time in his own bed. Pray that this goes well as the final three 5 day chemo's will be done this way.

Please remember a couple of Ryan's friends in your prayers as well. Joe Friend had his second surgery and seems to be doing well. He will be starting a long chemo treatment and needs your prayers. Also, please remember a friend to many of the J5 families. Jason Chimera underwent surgery to repair a torn muscle. This has kept him out of the Blue Jackets line up for several weeks. He has a heart of gold and has went above and beyond for many family's at Children's. Please say a special pray that his recovery is fast and complete.

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GoBucks said...

Good luck this week with chemo Ryan!! I hope it goes well enough that you are able to do the day treatment plan!! Your always in our thoughts and prayers!! Mr. O.