Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update 2/18/09

Ryan's counts have stayed the same with the exception of the WBC and the Platelets. His white blood count went down from 2.0 to 1.5 yesterday and his platelets dropped to 34. these need to be in the range of 6 and 200+ respectively. Ryan had an MRI yesterday and the results are pending.

Please keep praying that his WBC and Platelets increase as these numbers are the ones that will heal the liver function. Otherwise, Ryan seems to be doing ok, he is not in as much pain, but certainly getting restless being in the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the fight Ryan. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!
God Bless You! Linda Wells

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brad for the update… Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...


We are continuously thinking and praying for you. The old Nelson guys. Ken,Dave and Todd.

bilon5 said...

Ryan: My name is Paul Rothenburg. I live in Annandale, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. I'm a recruiter working with your dad to fill positions here for Battelle. I learned of your fight and your love of hockey. I played some growing up in Detroit and I'm still a big Red Wings fan.
Last night I went to the Capitals win against the Montreal. What a game. The highlight of the night was another of those amazing goals by Ovechkin. If I was not actually there I would still not believe it....a backhand pass off the boards to himself then after being taken down, pushing the puck into the goal while on his back. If you get a change, see if can take a look. If it's OK with you I'll keep in touch. Keep fighting. Fight harder. Ovechkin did and look what it got him.



Kyle Alfriend said...

Keep Fighting Ryan!

Anonymous said...

We know that you are fighting to win Ryan! You continue to be in our daily thoughts. ~Jason, Jill & Madeline Salmons