Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ryan is back at Children’s

Ryan was admitted to Children’s late on Monday night due to a fever. In the past, the fevers have been related to infections of the bladder, his central line, etc. The temperatures usually last a day or two and we get to go home.

Unfortunately, Ryan has continued to have fevers through today, and the source of the issue has yet to be determined. Please keep Ryan in your prayers as he battles this unknown illness. His counts are low and he is sleeping through the day. I will update the blog as we find out more information.

On a good note, Ryan was able to watch the Blue Jackets with his buddy Joe Friend who is in this week for chemo as well. Please keep Joe and all the kids on J5 in your prayers as each one has their own hill to climb.



Anonymous said...

We are praying for you Ryan! And Joe too. We have not had the pleasure of meeting him, but I've heard he is a really nice guy! Glad you two can enjoy some time together!

Anonymous said...


We just heard of this last week while at UCB in Toledo. Please know that our thoughts and prayers go out to you, Ryan and the rest of the family. We will continue to check the site and pray for Ryan to have a speedy return home. Stay strong!!!!

Tami Davis and Cindy (Rose) Bowen
Southern Ohio Medical Center

Anonymous said...

hey ryan it Lacy from MRI. It has been way to long since I have seen you or talked to you. Trust me I didnt forget about you. Love the pics you look so good. Hope you get feeling better soon and back home. If you get a chance send me an email I would love to hear from you. Talk to you soon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brad, We have kept in touch with you mom today… We will go down later if they want us to do so. I know this is difficult for you. Hold tight you will be home soon. Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad, Ryan and Family:
Iris keeps us updated on Ryan. I just wanted to let you know you all are in our thoughts and prayers.

Drusie SmithArmstrong
Iris niece

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Ryan remember to fight the fight dont give up you are almost at the top of the hill just a few more steps to climb you can do it.