Monday, February 23, 2009

Can we be Home and at the Hospital at the same time?

Ryan is still at home, though as I write this we are fighting a low grade fever. (99.4) Please pray that this stays below 100.4 so we don't end up back at Children's before Thursday's labs. He is not feeling the best so I hope that he is not coming down with another cold, etc.

Today Ryan was in the day hospital having labs drawn and test run. The good news is that his blood counts continue to increase. His WBC was 2.2, HBC was a whopping 13.1, and platelets were up to 58. The bili score for his liver had went back up slightly to 4.0. We need this to go down to .1-1.0, so this explains why his color and eyes are still yellow. Overall, Dr. Yeager seemed happy with Ryan's progress considering how sick Ryan was a week ago.

Now for the question in the title. As many of you know, Susan and I take care of Ryan at home evenings and weekends. My parents, Ryan's grandparents, have been his primary caretakers during the day. Without their support and care, I truly do not know how we would have done this. I also know I am going to get grief from my dad for posting this. But I really don't care what he thinks at this point! Please keep my dad in your prayers as he was admitted to Mount Carmel West today. He is having some health issues of his own and they are running a series of tests to determine what is causing these issues. Once we know more, I will post them. We have been so concerned for Ryan that we may overlook what each of us have done, but I want Mom and Dad to know how much Susan and I appreciate their help.


Anonymous said...

Ryan and Family - We think about all of you everyday. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Ryan - continue to get stronger and keep fighting! Ryan's grandfather - hope your tests results are positive and you are back with Ryan as soon as possible. Your entire family is truly amazing!
The Kern Family

Anonymous said...

Brad, your post today was so special to me being a grandparent. I met your parents while I was visiting Trey and we immeidately felt a connection. They are truly special people and I feel blessed to have met them. Please let them know if they need anything to just give us a call. If there is anyway in which I can help I would gladly do so. My husband and I are also very involved with our grandchildren so I know not being able to be there for Ryan now must be difficult. I pray that Carlos' doctors are able to find out what is going on soon and he will be feeling well again. Thank you for posting this and if there is something we can do please either email or give us a call.
God Bless You!
Linda Wells & the pastor (haha, ask your Mom) (

Unknown said...

Brad you guys are in our prayers everyday, I am so amazed how strong you and Susan have been through this hole ordeal. We Love you guys and will help in any way we can. We Love you guys.. Ken & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brad, Aunt Carol