Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ryan, Dad and the road to Recovery....

Who should I talk about first? Ryan? Dad? Updates, Updates, Updates.......

Ryan has enjoyed a quiet day at home just continuing his slow recovery progress from the VOD. Not much to report which after the past two weeks is a welcome statement. Ryan will go back to Children's on Thursday for more labs. Hopefully with rest we will get Ryan healthy. And yes, I am still being a strict dad and trying to isolate Ryan so he doesn't end up back at Children's sick. But this time, he is not fighting me.

Now, Dad. Dad was admitted to Mount Carmel West due to a loss of blood and not knowing where it was going. Add on top of that the prior two weeks of Ryan losing blood and the VOD issue and I am sure you can understand our concern for the worst. They did give Dad several bags of blood and a few tests. Luckily, we found that he had a bleeding Ulcer in his stomach area. The doctor says he will be fine with rest, medicine and time. He will be staying another night in the hospital just as a precautionary measure.

Thank you for all your concern, calls and prayers. Please remember the other families on J5. Ryan buddy Joe Friend had surgery on Friday and is doing well. Please keep him and Holly in your prayers as he is facing a long 36 week chemo schedule. Ryan has developed a bond with Joe and he has such a great attitude and outlook. He is a special kid.

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Anonymous said...

Well Brad seems things have changed since you sent one out… A new day, a new issue… Love and prayers, Aunt Carol