Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Evening and Thankful for a Weekend!

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in this update. It has been a long week and I have not been able to get to a computer outside of work to update. Now, where do I begin?

Dad is home and recovering from the ulcer issue. He seems to be ok, but who knows for sure. He wouldn't tell us if he was still hurting, but his color seems better and he seems to have more energy as well. Both Susan and I ended up with upper respiratory infections, and had to stay away from Ryan and J5 while he was in the hospital. This was very hard on Ryan, Susan, and myself. We have been together day in and day out, so it was tough not to be there for him. Mom spent the two nights with him and we really appreciate it because it is not like you are sleeping on a sleep comfort bed at the Hilton. Anyway, on to Ryan......

Ryan was taken into the hospital Tuesday night with a temperature of 104+. He was achy all over and they were sure he had the flu. After several tests and multiple cultures, everything came back negative. He continued to have spikes in his temperature through midday yesterday, he seems to have recovered well, and they let him go home late this afternoon. His counts are still hovering in the questionable range on WBC, 2.2 and Platelets @ 38. His HBC is good at 11.5. The VOD issue has cleared up. His Bili score has come down to 2 which is good and the other function are normal. He plans on spending a quiet weekend at home, and I don't plan on being around him without gloves and a mask. He is very very happy to be home in his own bed.

Thanks to all who have call and emailed, we really appreciate you following Ryan's progress and praying for him.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan and family-
We have been following your site and wanted to say hello and that we are glad that you are home! So sorry you all had a rough week.
Jamie, Lori, Alexander and Evan Schroeder

Anonymous said...

Love, blessing, and healing at your house.. Aunt Carol PS Your Mom won her first game of phase 10 tonignt…. Yea Your Dad is still a loser….

Unknown said...


I'm happy to here that you are home. Take care of your self. Make Brad and Susan take care of themselves also. Keep the faith and God will always be there for you. We love you!

The Acker's