Friday, February 13, 2009

Ryan is still at Children's

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog, but this has been an unusual admittance for a fever. As we said in the last post, Ryan was admitted to Children's late Monday night. His fevers usually last around 48 hours and the timing of this latest issue fell during our planned trip to The Buckeye Cruise for Cancer. This is the second annual trip for The Stephanie Speilman Cancer Cruise and for any Buckeye, it is a trip to remember. We spoke to Dr. Yeager on Tuesday and left with his assurance that it looked to be a normal fever that they could treat and release Ryan and that it should not be an issue for us to go. 23 hours later after a brief stop in Orlando, we were back at Children's with Ryan. No cruise or time to recoup is more important than being with him during a hill that needs to be taken. Once we returned you could tell Ryan was at peace having us home and there will be no more planned trips away from him until we win this battle!

Ryan has a condition called V.O.D. This is a side effect of a chemo drug called Cyclophosphamide. My understanding is that this is a side effect than normally is seen in bone marrow transplant patients. However, a few cancer patients bodies get to a point where their bodies can't receive any more of this drug. Ryan is there. V.O.D. effects the liver to the point that the liver function slows down and the liver itself starts to swell. They can't treat V.O.D., they can only treat its symptoms. They have been working to regulate the pain medicines so Ryan can be comfortable during this time. He is sedated most of the day. (For all of you that know Ryan and are use to his texting, I wanted to add that update as his phone is in the draw beside his bed.) Ryan will be in the hospital for another week or so and they will be monitoring his counts and keeping him stable manually. Please pray for Ryan as he continues to be a strong fighter and he REFUSES TO LOSE!

I know I just posted this a week ago but after this issue came from nowhere, I think it is worth posting again. Each and every kid on J5 is a fighter. To what point, they determine their own fate. Tyler and Olivia have fought and are winning their battles. Megan and Joe are battling relapses and seem to be doing well. We miss Trey and Mason who fought with all they had yet knew when the battle was over. The list could go on and on.......

“Children with cancer are like candles in the wind who accept the possibility that they are in danger of being extinguished by a gust of wind from nowhere and yet, they flicker and dance to remain alive, their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles those of us who watch their light.”-Author unknown

Ryan's candle is still strong! Flicker it might but it is not going to be extinguished!!


Anonymous said...

Praise God that they found what the problem was now to get to the recovery stage. Ryan stay strong you can beat this. You are a fighter hang tough.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Brad for the update… You are in our prayers… Carol

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this new problem. Keep the faith as we continue to pray for you each night and day. Our God is powerful.

Love from, Uncle Larry & Aunt Janet

P.S. Thanks Brad for keeping us updated on Ryan's condition.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update...I am so thankful that the doctors know what is going on and are able to do what needs to be done for Ryan. I was at NCH on Wednesday night visiting with your parents when you arrived from Florida and I am sure both Ryan and your parents were glad to see you. I will continue to keep Ryan and all the family in my thoughts and prayers as he continues to recover. F.R.O.G.....God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Ryan- your candle is burning bright tonight- Not even flickering! Stay strong- your Jackets need your support! If they follow your lead and fight to win even half as hard as you do, the playoffs are a lock this year! "Let's Go Ry-an!"

Anonymous said...

It was good to see you last night Ryan - we hope and pray you are feeling better today.

Just remember on this Valentines Day how many people love you!

Dale & Cathy

Kyle Alfriend said...

Keep fighting. You are the man!