Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ryan Back at Children’s

Tuesday night Ryan’s temperature spiked to a little over 101 degrees and it was off to Children’s for another visit with the J5 team. Ryan has been feeling pretty well, but the blood counts are certainly being tested by the latest rounds of chemo. His hemoglobin, white blood count and platelet’s are very low. He is receiving blood and platelets today, and we are waiting on the cultures that were drawn last night. I will post another update once we know more of what caused this most recent issue.

We as parents often talk about the kids and the parents on J5 and how we can support each other. Many times we forget about the doctors and nurses that take care of all the kids. While we fight our own battles and become close to a few children, many nurses and doctors have relationship with ALL the patients and sometimes their burden becomes overwhelming. This has become more apparent to our family with the circumstances from last week. Please keep all the care givers on this floor in your prayers: PCA’s, nurses, and doctors. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own fight we forget to thank those in the battle with us.



Anonymous said...

Dear Salmons family,
I was going through my CB kids sites and thought I'd do a quick check on Ryan. I am so sorry to hear he was back in the hospital. Maybe the blood and platelets will do the trick. I know from experience low counts can make even the day to day things that we need to do seem overwelming. Ryan is still in my prayers. Hopefully he will be feeling better soon!
God Bless You!
Linda Wells

Anonymous said...

Brad - you're so right! If it wasn't for the wonderful nurses and Doctors we wouldn't have much HOPE! We're thinking of you!
Melissa Cordial

Anonymous said...

Nicely put Brad. And so true.. Aunt Carol

Kyle Alfriend said...

Keep Fighting Ryan.

Refuse To Lose!