Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Long Weekend....

Friday morning was a rough time for Ryan as he was coming off another rough week of chemo side effects. Knowing what was ahead of him, Ryan asked to go to the day hospital for a "boost" of fluids and a quick check up. As of Friday, Ryan's count were good and with 2 bags of fluids, we were off for a long weekend.

Ryan was able to go to Trey's showing and funeral and it provided closure for him. Ryan made it through the service with great strength, and after attending, it gave strength to our family and I feel that it gave strength to the extended Martens family. After the funeral, we went to the VFW with I believe the whole town of Baltimore. The support given to this family was indescribable. It is a true testament to all the lives that Trey touched. It was good to have the time with Trey's grandparents, aunts, and close family friends. We had the opportunity to spend time with several nurses that took care of Trey, and it showed that for some it is more than a job. Even if I am the only one who knows which nurse was Trey's favorite!

Doug and Lori tried to give Ryan something fun this weekend, another night with the Jackets. You know Ryan was tired when he said he would like to go home and rest. So, we spent a quite family evening at home, still, watching the Jackets. What a tough loss. Anyway, thanks to them for trying.

Please keep Joe Friend and Megan Compton in your prayers as they both will have surgery on Monday. They both have had recent relapses and are facing challenges in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Brad.. Your family is in our continual prayers.. sending our love.. Carol