Monday, January 19, 2009

A great day with a fun experiance

Hey all its Ryan,

I thought i would tell everybody about my great day on sunday. Also i would like to share a pretty fun experiance of going to try on my suit for the Blue Jackets fashion show.

Sunday the agenda was go try on my suit for the fashion show, find a pair of dress shoes, and grab some food. To try on my suit we had to go up to Saks Fifth Avenue because they are the official sponsor of the fashio show and store that is donating the clothes for us heroes to wear. i got up to the store we met up with Anna the stores manager of the men's and women's departments who was a super nice lady and was so helpful. Anna had a suit picked out for me and i had tried it on and liked it but i didnt like the fact that there wasnt a pocket in my jacket for the hankercheif : ( Anna also didnt like the idea of that so she went out and picked me a new suit. when she came back i could not have been more excited she cam back with a georgous Armani limited collection suit. so after getting everything on and getting to see it together i was so excited everything looked so good. i cant wait for the fashion show to get to wear it. Anyway the suit is all black my dress shirt is greyish silver with black pinstripes and the pinstripes on the collar and cuff match but the main part of the shirt the pinstripes are different. Anna did a great j0b of picking out a tie and hankercheif to accent my suit. she picked a Silk bright red hankercheif and a bright red tie. Anyway when it was all together its amazing. Thank you Anna. Once i had it all on together looking at myself in the mirrors i realized how amazing i look. So sitting there thinking for a bit i realized i have never had a suit and how bad i would love to havre one. plus i wanted to wear the suit more than just down the runway. we decided to buy the suit. so i am very happy with this even though i spent every penny that i had so no im broke but its very worth it. after that we were hungry and we had not been to quakersteak and lube in a while and i wanted it really bad so thats were we went for lunch. the meal was great and made me so happy i have to make sure im getting to eat there consistancy.

Overall the weekend turned out really good even though i lost my Little Buddy Trey. im going to miss him. its very tough for me. anyway i feel good and almost back to full strength. Also end the weekend with a Jackets Win in a Shootout.

Hope all is well for everyone else.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are going to be the hit of the show. At least you'll win the prize for "most handsome". You seem to be doing much better - God is good.
Love from Uncle Larry & Aunt Janet Burns

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,

Good to hear from you. So glad for your new suit, good meal, and new strength.

Still praying for you regularly. God really does still love you - and is pulling for you too, and many of us are.

Pastor Wayne

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your going to look so handsome in your suite! Hope the event goes well and I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend!

Nikki B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,
I just talked to your grandmother and she told me about you getting fitted for the fashion show. I bet you will knock their socks In fact, if I had the money I would buy a ticket just to be able to see your "handsomeness" that a word? I am sure I will eventually be able to see some pictures and I can't wait. My 18 year old grandson hasn't ever had a suit either and one day this past summer he put on one of his grandpa's and had me take a few pictures...he was quite handsome also.
I am so glad you were able to go to Trey's veiwing and funeral. He definately was a special little man and I am going to miss him too. I only knew him for a short time but I will remember him forever.
I pray you have a great week and can't wait to see the pics of the fashion show.
Linda Wells

Anonymous said...

Awesome Ryan, I can’t wait to see the pictures.. Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

Ryan - I'm sure you look great! It was wonderful getting to meet you this past weekend, even with the horrible circumstances. We love you and pray for you every day! Can't wait to see your pictures from your big night!

Melissa Cordial
(Trey's Aunt Lissa)