Monday, July 14, 2008


Hey Guys,

Before i go back to the hospital tomorrow while i still feel good i wanted to post an update and tell everyone a little about my week without chemo. First off i would like to thank everyone who has helped out, donated money, or has sent thoughts and prayers. Like i said i had the week off from chemo and i had a great and strong week. Once i got the chemo from last week out of my system i was able to be sitting up and standing up all day with no problems. Before when i was sitting or standing i would get light headed. Throughout the week i got to do some activities and make a few visits that i wanted to. One of my favorite hobbies before i got diagnosed with cancer and got put in the hospital for so long was to work on cars so this week i took out one of my buddies good speakers from his truck and put his factory speakers back in because hes selling his truck. On friday night i went up and visited the Dodds. This was very good for helping my spirit because i got to see all of them and talk to the all of the neighbors that i know because they were all together. Saturday morning i got up early to go down to cinncinatti to one of my good family friend Mark Congdon's dads funeral. Mark has always been here for me so i wanted to be there for him. When i showed up i could tell how much it meant to Mark which made me feel awesome. When i got back from the funeral i just hung out for the day. On sunday i cleaned up my dads motor cycle for him. So overall i had a great week.

I would like to clear up a rumor that i have been hearing. I have heard a rumor of me, my dad, and step mom not wanting people to visit or come around. That is the farthest thing from the truth. my dad wants whats best for me and wants me to be happy and if thats me wanting people to come visit then people are going to come visit. There was a time when i was in the hospital a month or to ago that i felt terrible and i told my dad and step mom that i didnt want any visitors that night and they told everyone for me. maybe some how people mistaked that. so if you want to visit you are more than welcome to but call me first.

I go in for chemo tomorrow(tuesday) morning and i go home Thursday night. I hope to give you an update personally but if i am not feeling up to it i will leave it to Barry or Amy.

Thanks, Ryan


Anonymous said...

Ryan - We are so glad you had a great week and you are ready for the next round of fighting. Your strength is admired by so many. Keep it up!!
The Kern Family

Anonymous said...

Ryan, it is great to hear you had a good weekend. It was also nice to see you updating the blog. If cleaning motorcycles helps, I can have one over at the house everyday. I mean if it if makes you feel better........
Ron Barton

Anonymous said...

We are praying that this week is going smoothly for you. Hope you get out of there tomorrow as planned. Sounds like you had a great week at home! You were busy! Stay strong, and keep the faith!
Kathy Alfriend