Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ryan's Surgery

Ryan did have his surgery yesterday morning at 8am. And, it went very well with no problems and he was back in his room by early afternoon. Once he was out of the anesthesia, he really didn't experience any side effects which is great news. He was doing very well yesterday and had a huge appetite. It sounds like they couldn't give him enough food to eat :-)

Ryan now has a port which will make things easier for administering the chemo and any IVs. Ryan was having some pain in his hip where the biopsy was done and soreness in his chest/right shoulder area where the port was put in. But it could, for the most part, be controlled with pain medications. They pulled Ryan's pic lines out with no problems and with very little pain.

Ryan had a good night and slept well. He is preparing for his five-day chemo regimen which will begin sometime today. Please pray for his ability to withstand the effects of this type of chemo. We are hopeful that the second time around will be easier for him.

Thank you so much for your prayers before, during and after his surgery. Ryan's attitude has been very good, especially considering everything he has gone through. He is expected to be in the hospital through Sunday. The biopsy results should come back later today or tomorrow. I will update more when I find out.

Thank you again for everything.

God Bless,

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Anonymous said...

We are and have been praying for you! Praying those biopsy results come with GREAT news. Stay strong!
Tyler and I will be at the hospital tomorrow afternoon, and we'd like to stop by to meet you if you are up to it. We'll check with your nurse to see if it is okay with you. Don't hesitate to say if you would rather us not. We totally understand.
Kathy Alfriend (Tyler's Mom)