Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday and Message from New Team Salmons Supporter

Today is Ryan's 19th Birthday! Let's everyone shower him with birthday wishes by posting a comment at the end of this article. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!

On a completely different note, I had a special opportunity to meet Dick Vitale today. It Was Awesome Baby! He is doing some noble work in support of his dear friend Jimmy Valvano's V-Foundation for Cancer Research. Jimmy lost his fight in 1993 but his legacy is alive and Dick shared a couple of his fundraising initiatives with me. Dick shared with me how he is determined to raise $1,000,000 for research grants for pediatric cancer. I shared a little about Ryan's battle and he was kind enough to send this special video message to Ryan. Thanks Dickie V...YOU are Awesome Baby!

As an aside, if you are unfamiliar with Jimmy Valvano's story, I encourage you to watch or read his acceptance speech from the first annual ESPY awards on March 4, 1993. I think we all can learn something from his speech.

As an update to last week, Ryan spent a couple of days in the hospital battling a urinary tract infection which was the cause of his high temperature. After arriving at the hospital they quickly got him on antibiotics and his temperature came down. They have determined his sore throat was a side effect of the chemo from the week prior. This is a side effect he has not experienced before..so next time, he'll be ready for it. Now, he is home and he is feeling much better.


Anonymous said...

Have a happy day - and we pray there are a hundred more birthdays in the future! That would be really cool to be 119!!!! We are praying for you Ryan! Happy Birthday!
The Alfriend Family

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN!!!! I've been thinking of you. Hope that you have a great day!!!!! Marie Powers

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! I am a neighbor of Alex and Josh. I always have my "Team Salmons" bracelet on. I hope you feel well. We all are praying for you!

Nick Powers

SingingBirthdayCard.com said...

Just stumbled across you post and thought I'd join in wishing Ryan a Happy Birthday.

If I may, I'd like to share this personalized birthday song courtesy of SingingBirthdayCard.com

It was originally created for another Ryan, I must admit, but I hope this Ryan will enjoy it just as much.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan. I am a friend of your Grandma Margaret. I pray for you and check your website often.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ryan. Looking forward to seeing you out at the ballpark in a couple of weeks to throw out the first pitch and watch us win a few games.

David Kilbourne

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!
We are wishing you the best!
Mark and Cinda Wickersham

Hi Ryan,
My hopes and wishes for you are to get better!
Alaina Wickersham

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Many Many Many more to come!! Have a great day!
The Kern Family

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN. We are keeping you in our prayers every day, and we know that God has great plans for you. You've got a wonderful team behind you and there is NO WAY we're gonna lose. Plus, I might need you on the golf team next year. Take care and know that you are in our thoughts.
The Hogan Family

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Ryan! Hope you enjoy it. Your in our thoughts and prayers daily...hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

wow...got so excited to write you I used your instead of you're...good thing I don't teach English! Happy Birthday again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,

Hope you had a Great & Happy Birthday!!!

God loves you, I'm still praying for you and I'll plan to see you soon!!!

Pastor Wayne

Anonymous said...

Ryan HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you had a great one. Hey ive been meaning to leave you a message but wanted to wait for your bday. Trust me I told you I would never forget your birthday!!! Just wanted to let you know you looked so good the other day when I saw you at the hospital. Ryan you truely are a miracle!!!! You are still in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Miss seeing you but am sooooo glad you are able to be home with your family. Take care ryan and hope to see your wonderful smile soon!!!!!

Lacy (MRI)

GoBucks said...

Happy Bday Ryan!! I hope you had a great day today!
Interesting note, my oldest daughter Bday is today as well!! She turned 16.
Anyway, I hope you had a great celebration today!
Mr. O

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!!
I pray for you daily and know that this will be one of many, many more birthdays to come!
Have an awesome day!

Kyle Alfriend said...

Happy B-Day Ryan!

Kyle Alfriend


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!!
Many,many,many thoughts and prayers are going your way.
I hope you have a wonderful 19th birthday and may you have many more. You are a precious young man. Debbie Yokum

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BITHDAY RYAN!!! I hope you had a good day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!! Hope it was a great day with many more to follow.

All our best,
Jan and Ron Barton

Anonymous said...

Happy 19th Birthday Ryan- Hope to see you soon!
Scott, Jason & Amy- Dentworks

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan!! Hope you are feeling better each day from here on out!! My name is Kelly Ortman, I used to work with your dad at Quick Solutions back in 1999- his friends at QSI sent me this link to your blog. I check it often, and though I don't know you personally, I know your dad is wonderful, and so you must be too. My family remembers you in our prayers-
take care and hope you don't mind my comments-
Kelly Ortman

Anonymous said...

Happy 19th Birthday Ryan. Hope you are feeling better today and have many more birthdays ahead of you. You are still on our prayer list at church.

Ron & Carol Salmons

Doug Jadwin said...

HAPPY BIRTDAY RYAN! I hope your day was great.
I work with Susan and at an ANF party, several years ago, you, your Dad, my oldest son and myself played golf. I (conveniently) do not recall the scores, but do remember a good time being had by all.
Upon arriving at work, checking your web site is one of my first activities. Thanks to your Uncle and all the other contributors!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ryan! Sorry to post this a couple days late, but I just discovered the library at Trinity University, near Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. My thoughts and prayers remain with you!

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army
Ft. Sam Houston, Texas

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about you Ryan, I miss hearing your car rumble in the driveway.

I hope to see you soon,

John Jarrett