Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today; This Year; We continue to have our Firsts!

After almost eight months of helping to care for Ryan, I have finally been invited to contribute to Ryan's blog. Actually, that is not the total truth! The truth lies somewhere between being invited and not getting the invitation and thinking about updating this at a time I can get with Barry to get access. Well, as the stars align, Barry and I connected and I am now able to add to the work Amy and Barry have done so well over the past eight months.

First, I want to thank Barry and Amy for doing such a good job of keeping you all up to date on Ryan and his progress. Without their help, Susan and I could not and did not have the time to update and care for Ryan. So for all they have done and continue to do with this blog, we are grateful.

Now to Ryan, the reason we are here. Ryan has had a tough week and weekend as he has been suffering through the side effects of the Chemo. We were scheduled to go to a concert Thursday night at the Newport Music Hall, but Ryan was unable to attend. It was for "A Christmas to Cure Cancer" and the headline band was Emerson Drive. It was a fun event but Ryan won a picture from the silent auction, courtesy of his dad. Ryan will get a chance to see them the next time they are in Columbus.

I am tired of firsts! Another first we experienced this weekend was a visit by the Jackson Township Fire Department. Ryan was enjoying dinner with us tonight and had an episode where he wasn't feeling well, and then he blacked out. A call to 911, and a visit by your local EMT's and another first in our journey. Ryan seemed ok after the several minutes and a through exam by the EMT's. We are monitoring him for any other issues at this time. Luckily he will be in the hospital tomorrow for chemo and labs, and a full check up. Please keep Ryan in your prayers as he is scheduled for scans on Wednesday of this week and Friday of next. As we find out the results, we will keep you informed.

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