Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ryan, Jody, and another Hockey Night to Remember!

I hope that today finds you well. Ryan had the opportunity to meet Jody Shelley and spend time in the San Jose Sharks locker room. Ryan also met Jody's father-in-law, and Bob joined Ryan, Doug and me at Ted's for a great lunch and afternoon. He met most the players and had a great day. Ryan and Michelle sat right behind the San Jose Bench and enjoyed the game with some good friends. We helped to bring home a Blue Jackets victory. Thanks to Tom Lennox, Doug Shepherd, and Brian Loe who all had a hand in making this a memorable day for Ryan.
Please review the article below. Channel 6, WSYX, did a story "Beyond the Game" as well. I have also attached the links for the article and video. (There is a commercial before the video)
Ryan was at Children's Friday having his MRI's. His counts are getting better, and he will be back at Children's Monday for another round of Chemo. We will find out the results of all the scans on Monday. Please keep Ryan in your prayers for great news.
Thanks and have a great holiday season with your families.


Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing the video clip- I loved watching it. I have been following your son's battle for a few months, since Mike Gilmour sent me the link. Your family is in our prayers, and it was good to see you still look the same nearly 9 years later!! Take care, and God Bless!
Kelly Ortman (QSI 1998-2000)

Dustin said...

Hi Brad,
I received your message at my personal blog - everyone at Fear the Fin (the Sharks blog) was deeply moved by the account of your son's visit with our team. We will continue to keep Ryan, Amy and you in our thoughts and prayers. I share your hopes that Shelley gets to kiss the Cup this year - but rest assured, the Blue Jackets will be in the Sharks' shoes before long. Take care, say hello to Ryan for me (us).
-Dustin (Mr. K. @ Fear the Fin)