Thursday, December 4, 2008

12/4 update

So sorry for such a delay in posting. Ryan is doing pretty well. He was in the hospital Monday through Wednesday of this week for chemo. He is home now. He had a rough night Tuesday with nausea that was controlled somewhat with medication. I was able to visit with him yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours. And, he seemed to be doing alright. I thought he looked really good! From what I understand, he only has to have chemo one more time before Christmas...on the 22nd. That is great that he will be home and be able to visit with all of his friends that will be home for Christmas break.

Ryan had a good week last week. Even though Thanksgiving food isn't Ryan's favorite [Uncle Barry's right there with you Ryan], Ryan came with our family to our chuch - Cypress Wesleyan- on Monday the 24th for a Thanksgiving Feast with the choir and orchestra [Barry plays the trumpet in our church's orchestra]. It was sooo wonderful spending the evening with him. And, it was awesome for people to meet the man they've been praying for over the last 8 months. I've heard from several people what a blessing it was for them to meet him.

We celebrated Thanksgiving Day at Brad's house. It was a really nice day. My boys really loved playing PS3 with Ryan that afternoon. It was awesome for them to get to spend some time with him. Alex will be ready for a rematch, Ryan! Ryan also spent a lot of time with his friends over the weekend while they were home on break which he enjoyed so much.

Please keep your prayers coming for Ryan. He will be having another round of scans done on the 15th. Please let us all pray that these scans will show that the chemotherapy and radiation have done their job and rid his body of the cancer cells.

One last thing, Trey's [Ryan's buddy from J5] cousin is having a fundraiser at the school she teaches to provide toys that will be handed out to the kids on J5 [Children's Hospital's oncology floor] for Christmas. If you are interested in donating to a worthy cause, please let them know. Donations can be made through this Saturday, 12/6. Here's a link to Trey's Caring Bridge site that has the infomation on it.

J5 is not the place that any of these kids or families want to be during Christmas. Paula is doing such a wonderful thing!

God Bless,
Aunt Amy

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