Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update from yesterday

I wanted to follow-up from yesterday's post about Ryan being back at Children's due to a fever. He does have a cold. But, the cultures that were drawn also showed that he has an infection in his blood. So, it was very, very good that he was back under the doctor's care at Children's so they could catch this. He is now on antibiotics which should clear up this infection in his blood. His counts were also low yesterday so I think he was getting a blood transfusion today. He still had a fever this morning of around 101. He will be able to go home once his fever goes down for 24 hours.

Please pray for Ryan's peace of mind while he's in the hospital. While it is good that he is there from a medical standpoint, he would much rather be at home in his own bed and being able to do what he wants to do.

Barry enjoyed hanging out with Ryan last night. Brad's friends, Chris and Coach, were also there visiting and they all watched the World Series game together.

Thank you again for your prayers. Let's pray that this infection will clear up quickly and that he will go home soon.

Aunt Amy

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