Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Am Walking...Broken Foot and All

As I prepare for the Light the Night Walk on Oct. 18th I wanted to give you a little more perspective on my commitment.

  • I am walking for my nephew Ryan and his friends Larissa, Trey, Stef and Tyler who are each fighting their own battle.

  • I am walking for my Mother’s dear friend Diana who is a survivor and my co-worker’s parents and friends.

  • I am walking for the countless parents of J5 who just learned their precious child has been diagnosed with cancer.

  • I am walking because the current chemo treatment is barbaric, especially in children. Today’s cell-killing chemo is indiscriminate…it kills the good cells and the bad cells. Tomorrow’s chemo will act more as a smart-bomb, killing only the cancer cells while leaving the good cells alone.

  • I am walking to give hope to the next generation of undiagnosed.

I want to send a big “THANK YOU” to all of you that have already contributed to the walk…I am almost half way to my goal. For those of you that would still like to donate, I need to have contributions made by October 13th. Thank you for your support and thoughtful consideration.


God Bless, Barry


Anonymous said...

Hi Salmon's family,
I'm not sure if you remember us or not, but our daughter was in transplant when Ryan was first diagnosed and admitted to Children's back in April, her name is Olivia Mallett. We talked several times with Ryan's dad and grandparents. We have tried to ask numerous people how Ryan is doing but never had any luck getting any info on his condition. I recently found his blog page through another kids website and just wanted to tell you we think of you all quite often. Our daughter also has a blog page if you would be interested in staying in touch: oliviamallett@blopspot.com
Take care and know that we pray for Ryan,
The Mallett Family
Adam, Patti and girls

Kyle Alfriend said...

Hey Ryan-

We are back at Children's tomorrow. I do know if you are home or not (I very much hope you are home), but we will look for you.

Refuse to lose!

Kyle Alfriend