Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday 9/17 update and a special thank you

Ryan has not been feeling well at all these last couple of days. His throat is very painful due to the radiation that he has been receiving. He was supposed to receive his last two days of radiation yesterday and today. But, they stopped it after Monday's treatment because of Ryan's pain. Brad and Ryan will go to the James today and consult with the doctors to decide what is the best course of action with the radiation. Because of the pain, Ryan has been unable to eat or drink so he has been on fluids this last day. Please pray for healing on his throat.

I hope that many of you have received your power back. Brad, Susan and Ryan were without power for awhile the first day after the windstorm. They were able to restore power with a generator and all power is back on now.

On a bright note, I have wanted to thank publicly a special young girl who was very gracious to Ryan over the summer. Lainey is a friend of my oldest son. For her 9th birthday party over the summer, she requested that she not receive any gifts for herself. Instead, she asked that the kids instead please donate to the Ryan Salmons Donation Fund for Ryan's care. She even went to a couple of area businesses and asked for donations. She is an amazing little girl. She ended up raising over $400. Isn't that incredible?!? She is quite a blessing to our family. Here is a picture of Lainey with Ryan.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers for Ryan.

God Bless,

Aunt Amy

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