Thursday, September 18, 2008

Add'l update from yesterday

As an update to yesterday's post, I wanted to let you know that they re-admitted Ryan to Children's Hospital yesterday. They needed to keep him there to get him the nutrition and fluids as well as the pain medication that he needs. And, I wanted to make a correction to yesterday, it really isn't his throat but his esophagus that has been "burned" by the radiation which is causing his pain. The pain management care team at the hospital has been working with Ryan to keep his pain down. Ryan told Barry today that he may be in there for another 3-5 days. Please keep him in your prayers.

Thank you!
Aunt Amy


Anonymous said...

Ryan - Hope you are starting to feel better. Keep fighting! We think about you everyday and hope each day becomes easier for you.
The Kern Family

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you! I hope the pain gets controlled soon. Tyler did not experience radiation. Sounds pretty awful. Hang in there, and we will keep praying.
Kathy Alfriend

Kyle Alfriend said...

Hey Ryan-

Have not seen any updates lately. Hope all is well.

We were back at Children's for scans yesterday. Everything continues to improve. It was a long year, but this stuff is beatable. As they say, the road to heaven sometimes leads us right through hell.

Fight to Win.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan. Just wanted you to know that i miss you and im thinking about you. Stay strong brother and keep up that awesome attitude that everybody loves about you.