Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Ryan has had a great week at home. He is getting stronger each and every day. He’s been able to get up and down the stairs a few times as well…once was a result of the tornado warnings last Wednesday night. He had just made it upstairs to sleep in his own bed for the first time when the tornado sirens went off, so he decided to go to the basement...that's called forced re-hab! He made it!

Ryan will be going back to Children’s Hospital on Monday for surgery. They will be doing two procedures on him. First, they will take some bone marrow from his hips for biopsy. Secondly. they are putting a port put in his chest. The port will make the administration of medications much easier. As a result of the the port, Ryan’s pic lines will then be removed. This should also allow in to take showers. Tuesday will begin the next round of chemo. He will receive a chemo drip for 2 hours a day for 5 days. He is expected to remain in the hospital until next Sunday. Please pray that Ryan will not experience pain following the bone marrow biopsy. The first time he had this done mid-April, Ryan was in severe pain. We are hopeful that now his pain can be controlled especially since he has been under the Pain Management Team’s care for the last several months and they know his tolerance levels and which medications are more effective for him. Please also pray for Ryan during this round of chemo. Ryan experienced some very unpleasant side effects with this type of chemo the last time.

I spoke to Ryan and told him I was going to post an update today. He wants to thank everyone for everything they are doing for him..from all the visitors, the Skate for Ryan! event, the golf outing and the positive words of is all over-whelming to him, but extremely up-lifting! He is very grateful for all of the love and support. As a result of the fund raisers, Ryan is hoping to get a re-hab treadmill in a couple of weeks after he gets out of the hospital.

God Bless to all!

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