Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chemo - Day 1

I was able to see Ryan for a little bit this morning. He looked great. Day 1 of Chemo is almost over. So far, so good. Only 26 more hours to go. Ryan has been feeling pretty good so far. He was able to sleep all through the night. His goal is to get out of the hospital when the 48 hours are up around 2:30pm tomorrow. He is determined to be home and go to his Charity Golf Outing on Friday. Please send your thoughts and prayers his way that he can tolerate this round of Chemo and feel well enough to attend his Golf Outing. I know there are so many people that would love to see him there.

Ryan had a great time while he was home. He had a great appetite and just enjoyed relaxing and hanging out with his friends and family. There are new pictures up of Ryan's Father's Day with his Dad. I know my two boys just loved being able to see him at home and fish with him a little while.

Thank you for your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Great job Ryan!! Keep fighting! Hope to see you Friday.

The Kern Family
George, Mechelle & Tyler

Anonymous said...

you don't know me but know your
grandparents real well. Great to see you were able to go home. My
family will pray for you everyday.
God bless you and keep the faith.
Debbie Williams