Monday, November 3, 2008

Ryan's Home

Ryan is now home!! They have identified the type of infection Ryan had and are treating it with antibiotics. He'll be on these antibiotics for 2 weeks. He is feeling better and is glad to be home. There is no chemo scheduled for this week. Let's pray that he continues to feel better each day that he is home.

Thanks for your concern and your prayers.
God Bless,
Aunt Amy


Anonymous said...


It was so nice meeting you and your grandparents today! I felt like Brayden had a voice in you today...being able to express how you are feeling and how this crazy chemo. makes you feel. Although the circumstances are undesireable, you have an extrodinary opportunity in this journey to be a role model for the children and parents on J5. Hopefully you and Brayden will be finishing up treatment next year about the same time and we can celebrate!!! I hope we get the chance to visit again.

Kyle Alfriend said...

Great news Ryan!

Keep up the fight!